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Showgirl Crossdresser Costumes
AAAAHZ All Male ShowGirl Revue
Show opened New Year's Eve 2003 and ran until April
I made the costumes for the show. Swarovski Rhinestone gaffs, bras, ostrich feather accessories

See also my Negligee Peignoir page.
Negligees for men created from the 1950's vintage inspiration.
I've got some ideas for matching ruffle panties and g-strings made especially for the man's anatomy, I'd really like you to try.

black lycra rhinestone gaff royal blue lycra rhinestone gaff violet lycra rhinestone gaff

red lace on red lycra rhinestone gaff gaff black lace over nude lycra black lycra back pink lycra rhinestone gaff opera length gloves

purple velvet rhinestone gaff black lace on black lycra rhinestone gaff black velvet rhinestone gaff

bodystockings for rhinestone or beading extra long opera length gloves

panty with fringe for men Lace G String for men

sexy lingerie for men black lace trim nylon briefs for men black nylon briefs

custom made wedding fashions and gifts sexy lingerie for men black velvet pasties and panties

rhinestone tiaras rhinestone septor rhinestone 8.5 in tiara $214

sexy rhinestone jewelry sexy rhinestone jewelry rhinestone necklace set $38 rhinestone crown $168

Imagine sexy lingerie or dance wear for your Showgirl performance,
or your discrete Crossdressing experience
Unique and unsual wedding gowns
Evening gowns only a dressmaker can create
Vintage inspired intimate lingerie for men,
Lacy Panties, Fringe Panties, Sheer Nylon Panties
Sissy Ruffle Panties, Lil' Bo Peep Ruffle Pants
Swarovski Rhinestones or beaded Gaffs,
oh so sexy! oh so erotic! oh so liberating! oh so desirable!
Gaffs are available for purchase or design your own.
Silky, Poufy, Frilly, Sissy Panties made with sheer nylon, organza or silk.
Lots of ruffles, ribbons, bows and billowing clouds of silky sheer fabric. Oh My!
No lace, beads, sequins, or rhinestones.
Just smooth gathery soft and fluffy Sissy Panties.
For all your pouf bunny sissy needs.
Email me a picture of your favorite wedding or evening gown you'd like me to recreate

For custom orders email: inga@burlesquecostumes.com or call me 510-436-4938

Vintage Inspired Burlesque Costumes for the Ecdysiast Bump and Grind Enthusiast

How to order Crossdresser Burlesque Costumes, intimate lingerie, wedding gowns and evening gowns

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There are many people (men and women) in burlesque history that crossdressed for stage. Barbette, 1920/30's, walked a tight rope and used swings on stage. He was a trapezist, considered the ideal showgirl, dressed in fifty pounds of ostrich feathers that rivaled Mistinguette and Josephine Baker, had impossible beauty and grace. Jackie Collier, another female impersonator. These two from the book, Showgirls, by Andrea Stuart.

From the book, Les Folies du Music Hall A history of the Music Hall in Paris, by Jacques Damase 1960: Barbette (Van Der Clyde an American!), the Rocky Twins. Others Little Tich 1923, a skilled acrobat, Antonet 1921, Jean Fazil 1924, Odett, Charpini. The best known in France is Coccinelle (alias Jacques Dufresnoy), star of a specialized cabaret, is "more insidiously feminine than the other real girls." There are other more grotesque kinds of acts, but still effective, Gaby de Montreal, Nana de Montparnasse, and Zambelli with his Marlene Dietrich makeup. Chester Kingston (Gilles Margaritis) combined the qualities of frogman, snakeman and rubberman, and in this way was able to bring off some terrifying effects.

That's just the men impersonators from the book! There's a whole 'nother history for females. One that comes to mind is Vesta Tilley. "Male impersonation was considered neither "bent" nor sexually perverse by the Victorians, and Vesta Tilley's entire act was based on a series of "drag" impressions." Writers of a later era dubbed her "the pocket Astaire." from the book A Hard Act to Follow A Music Hall Review, by Peter Leslie introduction by Pearl Bailey 1978. Mae West may have been doing a Bert Savoy imitation. Then there's that rumor that Mae West was a man, or in later years when she was very ill, her brother actually took on her look and continued her act.

There is British Music Hall history too -- British Music Hall A Story in Pictures by Ramond Mander. Bert Erroll 1923 a female impersonator died in 1949. Hetty King, singing "All The Nice Girls Love a Sailor, 1905, a male impersonator famous for her soldier songs. Vesta Tilley has three pics in there. Also great pics of Eva Tanguary. Eugene Sandow the strongest man in the world Ziegfield brought over to America. Anna Held. There are sooo many photos in this book. I did a real quick flip through.

And in our recent burlesque videos we have TeaseoRama Vicky Lynn, who does a scene at a table with another stripper, and says that he can do a better strip dance that she does. At the end of his song he removes his wig!!!

So you see, there's lots of history, lots of performers. So go have a really big show, and do the history well.

Barbette Female Impersonator The Bizarre Jackie Collier Vesta Tilley male impersonator, The Pocket Astaire

Julian Eltinge marrying himself Julian Eltinge Coccinelle, the male cabaret artiste

Karyl Norman Impersonator Francis Renault The Russell Brothers

Designing Male 1951 Howard Greer

Designing Male, 1951, by Howard Greer
The Outrageous and amusing autobiography of a Nebraska farm boy who became one of Hollywood's leading designers.
From the time (circa 1914) when he was interviewed and hired (surprisingly) by Lady Duff Gordon, dressmaker, Howard Greer had incredible adventures. Queen Marie of Rumania came to tea, Isadora Duncan danced for him in the moonlight of a versailles garden (having failed to turn up at all at the supper party given in her honor), he designed audacious costumes for Pola Negri and Gloria Swanson and Greta Garbo and the other sirens of the silent screen, and finally established his own successful business in Hollywood, where he was dressing the lovelies of today in clothes that help set America's fashions.

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