Burlesque Costumes
Recreated vintage inspired burlesque dancing outfits
Custom made Burlesque Bras and Panties
Embellished with rhinestone or handbeaded trim
Fringe Burlesque Costumes
Fringe bra and panties for Burlesque Performers
Pin-up Girl Clothing, StripTease, Exotic Dancers
Cabaret Style, Pole Dancer Frenzy Fringe
Adult Entertainers, Crossdressers, Transgenders
Sissy PoufBunnies, using fluffy boa trim
Models and just plain sexy Frenzy Fringe people

Burlesque Costumes

Vintage Inspired Burlesque Costumes for the Ecdysiast Bump and Grind Enthusiast

2pc bra and panty sets avg price (depending on your size) $65, 3pc sets avg price $90
2pc bra and g-string avg price $55
Frenzy Fringe short and bra sets avg price $190-$245
Frenzy Fringe shorts or skirt only (no top) $95 to hips 42"
Strip Panel skirts $60

Available fringe colors: Black, White, Red, Purple, Royal Blue,
Baby Yellow, Baby Pink, Antique Gold.
Other fringe colors allow at least two weeks to order Fringe.

Please email me for available colors, special designs, and pricing.

Where do I get my inspiration for recreating my brand of Burlesque Costumes?
From Burlesque Queens like Lili St. Cyr, Jennie Lee,
or Pin-up Girl Stars like Bettie Page

Check out other Bettie Page Inspirations as I post new photos

Jennie Lee Lili St Cyr

Lili St Cyr

$75 Sheer bra and panty with rhinestone center seam

$180 18in white fringe bra and panty trimmed with AB rhinestone $85 Cotton Candy bra pantie and g string $65 white net bra and panty $65 white net fringe and lace bra and panty

$95 Vegas style bra and panty with tulle skirt $65 black net with gold fringe $65 red net fringe bra and panty $65 white net fringe bra and g string

$65 red net fringe bra and panty $65 white fringe trim bra and panty $85 white satin trimmed with black fringe and matching shimmy belt $45

$60 black chiffon two panel skirt with sequin trim $90 3 piece set blue net 6in fringe bra and panty with matching g-string

$140 Dior Rose flower sequin trim 9 $210 white 36in fringe panel skirt with appliques sequin trim rhinestones and handbeading burlesque costume fringe bra with thong, gauntlets, rhinestone pasties

$45 2 rows of 6 inch fringe shimmy shake belts $185-285+ custom designs go go fashions

Fringe Burlesque Costumes custom made for
Burlesque Dancing outfits for
Burlesque Performers, Pin-up Girl, StripTease, Exotic,
Pole Dancers, Cabaret, Models, Photographers
Sissy PoufBunnies, using fluffy boa trim
I'm recreating vintage costumes of 1930's, 1940's, 1950's
Swarovski rhinestone pasties, Sally Rand Ostrich Feather Fans,
Rhinestone bra and panties, fringe bra and panties, sequin pasties, tassel pasties,
StripTease strip panel skirts,
sheer beaded bodysuits, body stockings, opera length gloves,
Pin-up Girl Clothing, pin-up girl lingerie, Pin-ups fashion, pin-up bikinis,
Cabaret Style, Pole Dancer Fringe shorts or shirt, Sissy clothing
striptease wear, exotic dancer wear, model fashions, beaded gloves, rhinestone gloves,
custom made wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, sexy unique wedding gowns
Women's lingerie, senual men's lingerie and nylon briefs
Crossdresser wear, Gaffs rhinestone and handbeading, sexy tranny fashions,
Sissy Clothing, Lingerie, Negligees, Poufbunny babydolls
Rhinestone Tiaras, Rhinestone jewelry
Burlesque Events, Burlesque books, Burlesque videos,
Striptease books, Striptease videos, Pin-up books,
Erotic Art, Erotic photography, photography props and supplies

Rhinestones or beaded patterns, oh so sexy! oh so Shimmy!
These style items are available for purchase or design your own.

Check out Rhinestone pasties on the Pasties Page

Check out shimmy hip belts or chiffon strip panel skirts on the Burlesque Costumes Home Page

For custom orders email: inga@burlesquecostumes.com

How to Order Burlesque Costumes
For custom orders email: inga@burlesquecostumes.com
or call me at 510-436-4938 and let's discuss your inspiration for designs.
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BURLESQUE COSTUMES brand clothing is trademarked

How to Order Burlesque Costumes, Performer, StripTease, Pin-up, Exotic Dancer Wear, Pole Dancer,Models, Sissy PoufBunny

Strip Panel chiffon sheer skirt $60
Two piece, meaning bra, panty $about 65
Two piece, meaning bra and g-string $about 55
Three piece, meaning bra, panty and g-string $about 90,
Three piece, meaning bra, panty and shimmy belt $about 135.

Fabric for bra and panties, is a very sheer netting.
Plus shipping. $10.00 Domestic Priority, to 1 lb. See more shipping on the how to order page.

You can pay using my paypal, or call me with cc info.
510-436-4938, inga@burlesquecostumes.com.

I make everything to order, as sizes are so varied.
Measurements I need:
hip measurement of where panel skirt should fall around hips
bra cup e.g. 36 C
normal waist
fullest part of hip for panty
hip measurement of where panty should fall around hips
side measurement of panty, scanty string, 1inch on sides, 2inches on sides, etc.

The time to create depends on my schedule of other orders.
But usually 1 to 4 weeks. Unless I'm making fans, that's 4 to 8 weeks.

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Burlesque Costumes brand is trademarked, let's play capitalism and democracy nice.


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