Burlesque Costumes Sissy Frilly Fluffy PoufBunny
Vintage Inspired Ruffly Bedspreads, Fluffy Blankets,
Frilly Pillows, Sissy Curtains and Poufbunny Accessories
custom made especially for the bold, the delicious,
girly playful naughty sissy sexy poufbunny people!

Vintage Inspired Girly bedroom accesories created with yards and yards of flowing sheer see through fabric,
Fluffiest, Frilliest, Soft Fabric, will make your Sissy Fantasy experience sensual and erotic.

Welcome to my website, come in and see
what a frilly little sissy girl you can be!
to be a sissy bride, a pageant or a prom?
perhaps a frilly little fairy will amuse your dom?
There are ruffles and bows, frills by the ton
gathery layers of silky sheer for your fun
sissy panties that softly tickle too!
Lots of sissy pink fluff for the sissy in you
so come on in, you'll see sure enough
that you will leave here a bundle of fluff!
Vintage PoufBunny bedrooms

Seductive designs created for men and women for your bedroom playtime pleasure.
for your personal girly fantasy or to arouse the sensuality of another.
Sissy Designs can be created in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors.

Silky, Poufy, Frilly, Sissy Bedroom made with sheer nylon, organza or silk.
Layers upon layers of gathery crystal organza
Fluffiest, Tickly Fluff, Sissy baby poufbunny
Lots of ruffles, ribbons, bows and billowing clouds of silky sheer fabric. Oh My!

Frilly Sissy babydoll poufbunny bloomer

Frilly Sissy bloomers poufbunny drawers

I recreate diaphanous designs of the sheerest nylon vintage inspired from the 1850 era, the Frilliest Ruffliest time period. Ruffle trimmed, frilly bedroom wear, finished with details in gathers and satin ribbon bows, lace appliques, puffy ruffles, billowing soft nylon. Multiple layers of fabrics were used in days of old.
Oh Wow! PoufBunny rejoice.

A Poem....
"I am a sissy, a toy meant for a girl,
in frilly little dresses, I prance and I twirl.
Bottles of perfume, I get a pretty perfume shower.
Sprayed and sprayed, smelling like a pretty flower.
Dressed so girly in ruffles and bows,
Ever so frilly from head to toes.
She laughs and giggles, calling me sissy names.
I am her sissy and we play sissy games."

How to Order Burlesque Costumes Just for Sissies
For custom orders email: inga@burlesquecostumes.com
or call me at 510-436-4938 and let's discuss your inspiration for designs.
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