Sexy Wedding Gowns and Gifts
Custom made Wedding Gowns for Same Sex Marriages,
Gay and Lesbian, Transsexuals,
Sissy Poufbunnies, Crossdressers, Transgender
Adult entertainers, strip tease, pin-ups, exotic dancers,
Models, and just plain sexy people

Rhinestone tiaras, jewelry, septors,
Sexy lingerie nylon lace wedding briefs for men
Embellished with rhinestones and handbeading
elegant wedding gifts and apparel

Please roll over each image to see discription and pricing.
$90 hand beaded blue net bra and pantie $90 hand beaded ivory net bra and pantie $55 ivory ring pillow

$38 sexy nylon brief tuxedo men $38 sexy nylon brief red lace for men
$100 back of beaded g-string rhinestone tiaras and jewelry

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How to order Crossdresser Burlesque Costumes, intimate lingerie, wedding gowns and evening gowns

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