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Burlesque Dresses

My inspiration for making the black and white dresses is the Joan Crawford picture below.
Joan Crawford Joan Crawford

Wanda International Performer
This is one of many costumes I've made for this internationally known dancer. Wanda's costume is actually pants, but the fringe is so full you can't tell whether it's a skirt or pants, that is until she does those high kicks. She travelled with the Duke Ellington 100th Anniversary world tour, and wore my costume designs inspired by the era of Duke Ellington. We also designed a CakeWalk costume for her tour. Oh, I made the Zoot Suit pants for the male dancer.

Ms Eva Von Slut Jayne Mansfield

Ms Eva debuted this costume at Teasorama 2003. The dress is inspired by the Janyne Mansfield sheer dress, and the hat is of course Mae West. The netting dress is embellished with Swarovski rhinestone appliques to cover her most strategic parts. The fringe was dyed to match her skin. Beauty at it's best.

Below are dresses for other customers that give you an idea of my price range. The shorter the fringe, of course the more fringe it takes to fill up the dress. These dresses have 4" rayon chainette fringe. The chiffon dress was worn by Wanda for the inauguration of the Mayor of our city. The full circular skirt is three layers of different color chiffons, to give a splendid effect when turning, and the top is sequin fabric.
red fringe burlesque dress chiffon skirt and sequin top burlesque dress black fringe burlesque dress

The whole idea of burlesque striptease is the seductive dancing and the tease of disrobing. The Burlesque Costume may consist of as many as 8 to 12 pieces. The dress, can have shimmy shake of rayon chainette fringe and under the stage lights is mesmerizing to the audience. Sway to and fro in 6 inch or 4 in fringed dresses. The Burlesque Dress can be fully beaded or lace or satin. Removing each piece of clothing ever so gently and titallating your audience, making them yearn for your next move.
Your classic Burlesque Costume is the dress, chiffon or satin panel skirt, fringe hip belt, fringe or sheer net bra and panties, rhinestone pasties or sequin pasties, rhinestone g-string, opera length or shoulder length gloves, and either stockings or fishnets.
Add your prop such as a Sally Rand Fan, or ballons, snakes, birds, monkeys, a Mae West style hat -- you get the picture. I once saw a performer have a costume that represented a book. As she unfolded the pages, she was disrobing at the same time.

How to Order Burlesque Strip Tease Adult Exotic Dancer Costumes
For custom orders email:
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I accept checks, money orders, PayPal, or Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards
Please email me your picture or tell me the page of the book, see my books lists on the home page, and we can discuss fabric and fringe requirements.
A one half cost of dress is required as a deposit. Your deposit is non-refundable, as I will be using it to get my material and supplies.
I would need at least 4 weeks to complete your dress. Two weeks to order fringe if I don't have the color or enough length, and 2 weeks to cyber-sew.

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